Who We Are

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Who is FISC?

Financial Institution Service Corporation (FISC), located in West Monroe, Louisiana, was incorporated in 1969 as First National Computer Center (FNCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of First National Bank (FNB). As a result of the 1994 merger between FNB and Hibernia National Bank, FISC was acquired by the six banks utilizing its services and converted to a bank service corporation. Today, we operate as a cooperative that services approximately 60 member banks and employs around 65 full time people. The primary market area is community banking focused, with banks ranging from 66 to 3,133 million in assets. Our servicing area as of today includes Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.


FISC's data processing and information services are designed specifically for the strategic environment of the community bank. Our objective is to help the member banks increase efficiencies, productivity, and customer satisfaction, while increasing management's ability to respond to ever-changing technological, competitive, and regulatory environment. FISC manages data and item processing and provides the member banks with the key application support for various platforms so that bank management and employees can concentrate on managing their institution's financial performance. With FISC providing the back-office environment, the member banks can focus on competitive issues and offering the services that bank customers are demanding.

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How do we create efficiencies for you?

The service bureau environment eliminates the need for each bank to staff for nightly processing, release installs, regular system maintenance, backups, or year-end processing. The bank’s burdens related to disaster recovery planning and testing, independent reviews of data processing operations are also significantly reduced as well as a multitude of other functions and responsibilities. Since FISC employees perform many of the back-office functions for almost 60 banks, they become Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) that develop extensive knowledge relating to core and other ancillary platforms.

What makes FISC Special?

  • FISC customer service is unmatched in the industry. FISC is truly an extension of your back-office staff. Not only is the support staff accessible by ticket, by call, or by email, they respond quickly and accurately, using the knowledge that they have gained through training, years of hands-on experience, and troubleshooting of issues. Management and employees who are involved in your conversion process will continue in a support role for your bank long after the conversion is complete.
  • FISC management and employees have extensive banking, data processing, and management backgrounds.
  • FISC can leverage the collective size and volume to negotiate buying power with vendors
  • FISC renders services utilizing a "cafeteria" approach - users pay for the services they use and do not pay for the services they do not use.
  • FISC serviced banks collaborate, even outside of FISC’s services, to discuss, share and innovate in areas such as best practices, regulatory concerns, product development, and operational procedures.
  • FISC believes in continuing education, encouraging employees to stay versed on current industry trends, technological advances, core processing, and other ancillary platform enhancements and best practices.
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Customer Service

A customer service representation is the first person someone talks to when they have a problem. They expect a quick response, professionalism, and accuracy. Our support staff strives to provide the highest quality of customer service. FISC employs over 60 individuals who are not only data processing but are also skilled in many diverse backgrounds. Our support staff knowledge ranges from front line tellers to technology-based business experience. They know the result you are trying to achieve. When you call, email, or submit a help desk ticket, you are always engaging with a FISC support person. Service is our business, and our customers are our family.