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Mission Statement

To be the leading provider of community bank services at a cost that will allow the member banks to:

  • leverage their collective size and volume to negotiate buying power with vendors
  • stay independent and remain competitive
  • offer state of the art technology to their customers
  • emphasize superb customer support.

Where did we Start

Financial Institution Service Corporation (FISC) located in West Monroe, Louisiana was incorporated in 1969 as First National Computer Center (FNCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of First National Bank (FNB). As a result of the 1994 merger between FNB and Hibernia National Bank, FISC was acquired by the six banks utilizing its services and converted to a bank service corporation. FISC is made up of approximately 60 member banks as of April 2022. Our primary market area is community banking focused. Our banks range in size from 66 to 3,133 million in assets. Our servicing area as of today includes Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Texas.

56 Banks • 5 States • Over $26 Billion Combined Assets

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Operating Philosophy

  • FISC strives to enhance the competitiveness of its member banks by enabling members to gain access to state-of-the-art technology.
  • FISC renders services utilizing a "cafeteria" approach - users pay for the services they use and do not pay for the services they do not use.
  • FISC operates under a philosophy that it will not cost more for a user to do business with FISC than it would cost for them to process it "in-house.”

Business Objective

FISC's data processing and information services are designed specifically for the strategic environment of the community bank. Our objective is to help the member banks increase efficiencies, productivity, and customer satisfaction, while increasing management's ability to respond to ever-changing conditions. FISC manages data and item processing and provides the member banks with the key information that allows them to concentrate on managing their institution's financial performance. With FISC providing the back-office environment, the member banks can focus on competitive issues and offering the services today's consumers are demanding.

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Service Bureau Environment

The service bureau environment eliminates redundancies, the need for each bank to have night-time computer operators, disaster recovery plans, and independent reviews of your data processing operations. This allows employees to develop greater expertise and allows for cross training and back-up of personnel dedicated to these functions.