Below is a list of bookkeeping services that are offered at FISC. We do various tasks for individual banks, based on their needs.

DDA and Savings Application

  • Verify and process large items, stop-watch, holds (exception items)
  • Image capture the charge backs and out-going QRC items
  • Process unposted and insufficient transactions
  • Process FRB charge backs
  • Process FISC Exchange Return Items
  • Notification of large return items
  • Balance DDA/SAV applications daily

We provide a reconcilement report daily, which includes any outages in the applications, unposted accounts accrued accounts, and overdraft accounts.

Processing of ACH Return Items
Reconciliation of Official Checks and Interest Checks

  • Verify endorsement on official checks for amount set by your bank
  • Verify signature on all official checks from list of authorized signers and their limits
  • Balance and provide “Recon” sheet and reports